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About Us

Bringing World Class Infrastructure and Technology to the Serenity of Vermont

A Simple Philosophy

Tech Vault was founded in 2010 and our goal from the onset was to build a state of the art, next-generation data center that Vermont could be proud of. A data center that would achieve LEED certification, reduce carbon emission output and reduce overall energy consumption.

Tech Vault has achieved all of those goals and has also received national recognition – we were the recipient of a Laureate Award in 2012 for data center design and environmental conservation from Computer World’s Honors Award Program.


We are a Vermont based and Vermont owned and operated company whose core values include protecting the environment through the integration of the most innovative cooling, power, and facility management technologies available on the marketplace today. We strongly believe that Tech Vault’s values align identically with those of the State of Vermont and the New England region – conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting the environment we live in.

Tech Vault is without question the most technically advanced, energy-efficient data center in the State of Vermont and the New England region.


Tech Vault, a 100% woman owned company, and its affiliated companies have 58 total employees, supporting Tech Vault operations, customer support, and sales. Tech Vault’s parent company is Investor’s Corp. of Vermont (“ICV”), solely owned by Emeline Sprayregen, and headquartered for 35+ years in Burlington, VT. ICV owns and maintains the building the Tech Vault resides in.

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